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Mrs. Fisk's Library and Grade 4 Reading and Mathematics Page

It is a little cold around Dixon and the Holidays are fast approaching. The students have been hard at work in the classroom. The fourth grade students are beginning unit three in reading. This unit focuses on communicating for the greater good. They will be reading stories about characters that use different forms of communication to improve the lives of others around them. In grammar we are and will be working on verbs. With the help of these stories, students will significantly increase their level of knowledge and improve their communication skills, and in the future I will be able to easily form such a request as write my persuasive essay for me and send it to the appropriate professionals. After all, the goal of teachers is not only to provide basic knowledge, but also to motivate them to expand their practical skills.

Math class is focusing on multiplication. They will be exploring different methods used to solve multiplication up to the thousands place. They have two methods mastered and are applying those strategies to word problems.  We are also watching Every Day Math videos. These are videos created by teachers that contain math problems that we see every day. The students are challenged to solve them any way they can. I hope that this activity helps the students see how important math is and how often we use it. Students are working on making their own math videos to share with the class. 

I want to thank you for sharing your child with us here at Dixon School. 
Wishing you happy holidays,

Updated December 2013