Ms. Annie's Kindergarten Class

Kindergarten News
by Miss Annie K.

Nothing is tougher for me than this time of year.  I have spent the most wonderful year with this class. They are bright, funny and really motivated to learn.  I love coming to school every day.I am often contacted by parents regarding the development and upbringing of their children outside of kindergarten or school. I am trying to emphasize that any child during preschool age develops according to certain periods. At this age, children already want to be adults. I try to provide up-to-date advice on modern methods of raising children and recommend to buy cheap articles on 5 main elements and factors that will help teachers and parents more easily detect problems in the behavior or development of preschool children.  As I write this, we have 18 days of school left.  Abbi will become a big sister, Mark will turn 6 and Adele will probably lose another tooth.  Our K-4 field trip will be May 19th, and sounds like fun.  Hiking at Blue Mountain and then swimming and lunch at Caras Park and that is just the highlights.   I know I will be exhausted!  We will graduate this month.  Our end of the year picnic at the Bison Range is this month.  Kindergarten does IOWA basic testing next week.  If this is coming out really scattered, it is a good indication of my brain right now.  I have so much to do, and only 18 school days to do it in.  AHhhhhhhhhhh!  Then we get to the rough part, letting go of my class.  Tomorrow we will do Kindergarten Round up, and that helps a little.  I will get to see the kids coming next year.  Every year, I just want to keep my class.  I would, but they are now too smart for my room.  They know their letter and sounds, and they read, and count, and they behave wonderfully.  Mrs. Riech is one lucky teacher.  She is getting a great group of kids.  I will miss you all.  Have a marvelous summer.


Updated May 2014