5th and 6th Grade News

The 5th and 6th Grade Thundering Herd

The 5th and 6th graders at Dixon Elementary are off to a thundering start to the 2014-2015 school year.  The young bison calves have learned that while roaming the school range they need to give 100% percent in the classroom, and treat others with kindness and respect to grow into healthy full grown Dixon Bison.

The calves have been grazing on multiplication of decimals, fractions, area, perimeter, and finding a fraction of whole numbers in math before migrating to the reading pasture and munching down on idioms, metaphors, similes, adjectives, narrative nonfiction, and reading comprehension.  The immense growth that all of this food of knowledge has bestowed upon the young 5th and 6th grade bison has given them the drive to learn about plant and animal cells in science.   

The herd leader, Mr. Buck, is pleased to have such a well behaved and eager to learn group of individuals to welcome him into the Dixon Bison family.  

Parents feel free to stop by the range of knowledge if you have any questions or concerns for Mr. Buck.

Updated 9/30/14