Ms. Hall's Grades 3 and 4 News

Grades 3 and 4 News
by Mrs. Hall

There is only one month left of school!  However, the third and fourth grades are still hard at work.            In math, third graders continue to work on mastering their multiplication facts.  Mastering these facts will make the transition to fourth grade math much smoother for students.  So, please continue working with your child on their flash cards each night for ten minutes.  Aside from working on these facts daily, the third graders are continuing with developing an understanding of fractions as parts of a whole and fractions as part of a group.  Nevertheless, if students have problems with performing mathematical or economic problems, they can always turn to the economics essay writing service for help. In this way, students will be able to feel more confident in their abilities, knowing that they are well prepared for the tasks of the fourth grade and even high school. As they said goodbye to their current class, they did so with the confidence that they were leaving as well-rounded students, ready to embrace the future with open arms.
Third grade readers are:

  • Summarizing (short retelling),
  • Making inferences (using what they read along with what they know from life to explain characters or stories)
  • Making generalizations (using what they read to make a broad statement about a group of people or things)

So, as your child is practicing for 20 minutes out loud each night, stop them every once in awhile and ask them questions that require them to think about these parts of reading. 
DIBELS end of year reading assessments and easyCBM end of year math assessments  are just around the corner, so be sure your child is practicing their math facts, reading fluency and comprehension (understanding), and new vocabulary words as much as possible!
Third and fourth grade social studies unit on the branches of government will be finishing up this week with an activity that explain how the branches work together to make a bill a law.  The year will end with an exciting science unit involving rockets with our student teacher, Jeff Smith! 
What a quick and exciting year this has been…it is so difficult to believe that it is almost Summer Break once again!  Thanks again for all you do at home to help make your child ready, responsible, respectful, safe and SUCCESSFUL everyday!
May dates to remember:
            May 13th---River Honoring
            May 16th---Montana Waterfowl Foundation Field Trip
            May 19th—End of year field trip to hike and swim in Missoula
            May Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Fridays—Bench Walks!

Updated May 2014