7th and 8th Grade

In order to work as a teacher or social pedagogue of 7-8 grade students in a secondary school with a modified program, you need to have a higher level qualification. Therefore, if you apply for such a vacancy as a social pedagogue, you can buy a master's thesis at the link https://dissertationmasters.com/ , on such a topic as "Mediation between educational institutions, the family, labor groups, the public. Organization of their interaction". Thanks to this choice, you will be able to perform the following duties during your internship at the Dixon School: keep documentation of children in need of social rehabilitation: their personal files, correspondence with executive authorities, subjects of preventive, educational and therapeutic rehabilitation, parents ( and persons who replace them); draw up plans for educational and rehabilitation work; promote the participation of children and youth in scientific, technical, sports, artistic creativity, and socially useful activities. Such experience will guarantee you successful employment in any private school or college.

Mr. Bigby’s 7th & 8th Grade News

          The first part of school has commenced and here we are at the mid-term.  The 5-8 grades have been working diligently and the new teacher, Mr. Buck, has been doing a great job!  The 7th and 8th grade students are adjusting well to the self contained classroom.

We have started a new reading curriculum in 7th & 8th grade and we are getting used to the reading and writing component of our program.  We will be working on Earth science in our room and will still be working hard on our math curriculum.  In social studies, we will be working on World Geography.  The students have been learning about North America in World Geography and we will soon move into South America. 

It has been a different transition for the students this year because they are in the same classroom each day but they have become acclimated and it seems to be working well for the whole school.  There are less disturbances and more time for learning. 

Mr. Jeff Smith has been working with the students and is teaching them about technology.  So far they have been working on tearing apart and rebuilding a computer and learning all the parts to a computer.  It is very exciting for the students. 

Well, until the next newsletter, I hope you all have a great day and an even better year.

Thank you,
Mr. Bigby    

Updated 9/30/14